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Pick a number any number
I have art block I need something to draw, pick a number for me and I will draw it with one of my OCs, go
Happy Easter 2017
happy Easter everyone, hope everyone has a great day, thought my little halfling should get some action.

  "He is not Here, For he is Risen" Matthew 28:6    

Drawn and coloured by me 

Lilock and fang belong to me 
TFG1 OC Lightstream 2017
here it is an updated version of Lightstream, and her cool weapons  

drawn ans coloured by me 

Lightstream belongs to me

I don't own transformers G1 or the IDW stories  

Name :: Lightstream "I'm stronger then I look"

Age (human years) :: 34

Gender :: femme 

Allegiance :: Autobot

Sub Group :: Cyber-Ninja 

Function :: Warrior/Spy 

Size :: 
Soldier (same size as Elita one)


Strength :: 5: 8 tons

Intelligence :: 5 (1-10)

Speed :: 3 : 175 mph

Endurance ::  4 : Med. Melee and Projectile Damage Resistance; Low Elemental Damage; Zero Energy and Explosive Damage Resistance.

Agility ::  7 (1-10)

Fighting Skill :: 9: Advanced Mixed Martial Arts Training

Level 9 Hand to Hand Combat

Level 6 Firearm Skills/Heavy Weapons Training

Level 6 Melee Combat: Expert with all Melee Weapon

Specialist Skill ::  8 (1-10)

Courage ::  9 (1-10)

Biography :: Lightstream is kind at spark, but at the same time merciless. Lightstream  has almost two sides, one side is when she's having down time, or hanging out with her friends. She is Kind, wise, loves to laugh and joke and is a very good listener when someone needs to talk (most of the time its wheeljack talking about his inventions).  She is like a Mother to most young bots, as she helps most in need, give comfort and wisdom to who needs it. The other sides is when she's battle, powerful, in control, and ruthless, Like a Ninja she studied survival and scouting techniques as she was trained from birth to be a great warrior and guardian of Cybertron. she has some medical training but only a little,  Lightstream likes to work with others and as a team, but she dose just as good by herself. Lightstream likes nature, peace, and being with others.              

History ::  Lightstream comes from middle class of Cybertron, she was birthed from a hotshot on Cybertron and harvest by the brotherhood of the Cyber-Ninja Corps. Before the war she like many others where peace keepers she mostly helps resolve conflicts and helps with disturbances, when the war broke out she and also many others where charged with guarding the Autobots' most valuable technological secrets and may also be assigned to protect long distance missions. On these missions she met her bond-sister Speaker, being both spys they spend alot of time together, although being very loud and overwhelming for Lightstream, they became best friends anyway and soon after sisters. The Two became a great team and when the Cyber-Ninja Corps became disbanded because of how few there where she team up with Speaker and are the top spys on cybertron. She met Wheeljack on a few missions and she thought he was funny and cute, she became fastened with his inventions and ideas, after a while working together, they fell in love with each other and became sparkmates. when some of the Autobots where leaving on the Ark Lightstream was with Elita Ones group and was left be hided on Cybertron, the two didn't find each other till Optimus and others came to cybertron and help reuse Elita from Shockwave (Season 2 Ep 32). After learning that they where on earth she decided to go to earth with them and was reunited with Wheeljack, about two years later she became sparked with her first sparkling and had two more after that.
Robotic & Alternate Forms :: cybertronian Motorcycle 

Sparkmate :: Wheeljack

Sparklings ::  Markshift, Trek and Tazor  
Sister :: Speaker


Primary Weapon::  Thermo Energon Blade

Power: 5, Damage Type: Elemental

Heavy Weapon :: Energon Battle Pistol:

Semi-auto heavy pistol with a 5x scope

Damage: 6, Range: 8, Accuracy: 8, Rate of Fire: 5, Damage Type: Projectile

Flash Grenade :: 

Flash bangs that blinds and slows a victims energon flow. 

Damage: 5, Damage Type: Elemental

Smoke Grenades:

Causes smokescreens.


4 sharp metal stars are fired for a maximum of 3 shots. Causes much pain as they stick themselves in armor. 

I saw :iconmaximillian-n: doing this and I'm just like "cool I want to do this, looks fun" so here we go.

Rule: Pick 13 OCs and use this. RANDOM .ORG  put them in a random order.

1.  TFG1 Markshift by TimeMusic15 MarkShift 

2. TFG1 Steelfrost by TimeMusic15 Steelfrost

3.  TFG1 Airblade by TimeMusic15 Airblade

4. Speaker TFG1 Speaker by TimeMusic15

5.  TFG1 Trek by TimeMusic15 Trek

6.  TFG1 OC Windcurrent by TimeMusic15 Windcurrent

7.  TFG1 OC Gazeflyer by TimeMusic15 Gazeflyer

8.  TFG1 OC Fenderbender by TimeMusic15 Fenderbender

9.  TFG1 OC Virus by TimeMusic15 Virus 

10.  TFG1 Tazor by TimeMusic15 Tazor

11. TFG1 OC Violetmist by TimeMusic15 violetmist

12. TFG1 Metalwing by TimeMusic15  Metalwing

13.  Lightstream redesign by TimeMusic15 Lightstream

ok now the random roles

The Cake Baker: Markshift
"Cake? I've never bake anything in my life, But I guess its not that hard from making a gun right?" (smile

I think Mark would make a lest make 10 cakes before he deems it perfect enough for the wedding, he dose like things to be just right and blow up one cake at some point in time.

The Priest: Steelfrost
"what the Pit? why am I the priest? that sounds so broooooooing, not fair!"

Not sure Steel can be a Priest, she's too military girl for that, but it would be funny to see.  

The Overjoyed Mother-in-Law: Airblade
"Oh, I'm the mother in law?, um... I am overjoyed but I think I'm a little young to be a carrier, this role should be my Carrier's role, it sounds more like her, tehe"

Airblade is a ray of shine, and energetic, so she has the overjoyed part down.  

The Wedding Planner: Speaker
"I can work with this, thought I rather be the DJ, alright disco lights, party streamers, and everybody in party Hats and cools shades, LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!? 

Speaker is a party animal, so I say this is right up her ally.

5. The wedding crashers : Trek

he's too shy to be a wedding crasher. 

The Father-in-Law: Windcurrent
"Oh goodness, lol that's funny, lolololololol, someone get me a mustache, (is leaning over Laughing) hahahaha"

Wind would have fun with it, as she loves to joke, and give people a hard time

The Jealous One: Gazeflyer
"why would I be Jealous? this is stupid I'm leaving"

yeah...Gaze is Gaze, always the killjoy 

Best Man/Woman: Fenderbender
"awesome I am totally the best man, now its time to get me some Brides maids (wink wink)"

this is something fender can do, be awesome and hit on the ladies 

Ring Bearer: Virus
"oooh, the Ring Bearer, how interesting....can I make the ring from a toxic jem? it would look lovely on the brides melted finger, hahaha" 

on secend thought maybe Virus should not be in a wedding...reasons are obvious 

Groom/Bride: Tazor
"WHAT!! no no no NO! I don't want to get hitched already? I still want to live my life thank you"

 Tazor doesn't want boyfriends or sparkmates, she wants to be free and live to the fullest  

The Bride's Maid: Violetmist
"ok sure, this sounds fun, sorry son I don't think your getting any from this bride maid, lol"

Violet wouldn't mind being a Brides maid, and maybe hit on the best man, (if it isn't her son ...)

The Photographer: Metalwing
"taking pictures eh?, sounds easy enough"

this isn't really Metalwings thing, but he'll do it for his friends 

13. Flower Girl: Lightstream
"The flower girl awww how sweet, and for my little girl's wedding, how delightful"

Lightstream is a little old to be the flower girl, But I think she can pull it off
This was fun i enjoyed, you guys should give it a try  



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